Facilities & Equipment

  • Two sound-proof rooms
    One control room, and one recording room

  • Pro Tools LE 002 recording with Waves plug-ins, Apogee converters, 5 Neuman mics, 2 AKG mics, 6 EV mics, upright piano, Korg keyboard and Trinity rack module, Fender Deluxe Reverb amp, AER amp, Mackie board and various ethnic instruments and guitars. Plus various outboard gear.

Services & Price

Glen Helgeson serves as an engineer, composer, producer and guitarist for Worldview Studio. Glen has more than 20 years of recording experience and 30 years as a musician. He has recorded and produced over a dozen full length albums and numerous projects with the best local musicians. Glen specializes in acoustic, ethnic, jazz, singer/song writer, and spoken word recording. Arranging, composing and guitar recording are available on request.


Studio time with engineer and guitar recording - $50/hour


To book studio time, contact Glen at 763-360-7662

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