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distant borders revisited (2006)

by GLEN HELGESONMP3 samples >>>

1. Smooth Wes <MP3>
2. The Mambo Told Me <
3. African Song <
4. Red Moon <
5. The Whirl <

GLEN HELGESON: Distant Borders Revisited

Distant Borders Revisited (2006) is a provocative and intoxicating mixture of world-beat grooves and contemporary jazz. Emotional and sophisticated, Helgeson takes the listener on a journey through landscapes of alluring melodies with a global blend of diverse styles and instrumentation. Helgeson joins forces with some of the Twin Cities finest musicians (see list below), as well as his world-beat jazz group Axis Mundi on five new tracks (1-4 & 11). In addition to these new compositions, Distant Borders Revisited features the best re-mastered tracks from Helgeson’s previously released Distant Borders (1993) and Spirit of the Wood (1997).

Distant Borders Revisited takes the listener on a journey that delves into Latin, Middle Eastern, Afro-Cuban and Haitian rhythms. Track after track delivers a suite of savvy modern and traditional grooves that are spiced with exotic instrumentation and various styles. On the first track, African Song launches into a high rhythmic
tour-de-force with searing African djembe and trap set drums that set the tone for the ‘vibe’ of the whole CD.

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GLEN HELGESON: Distant Borders (revisited)
Delves into Latin, Middle Eastern, Afro-Cuban and Haitian rhythms, delivering a suite of savvy modern and traditional grooves, spiced with exotic instrumentation.

Recommended if you like Ottmar Liebert, Ry Cooder, Habib Koité.

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Each track is a multi-layered, textured palette for Helgeson to paint his diverse guitar melodies. A rich mix of varied percussion keep the groove fresh, tasty and authentic throughout the CD while the guitar and violin exchange melodic inter-play on such tunes as, The Mambo Told Me, Red Moon, and The Whirl. Peter Ostroushko’s shimmering mandolin shares the melodic spotlight with Helgeson on A Wedding on Venus, Latin A La Linda, and River East. On tracks Smooth Wes and Red Moon, Helgeson teams up with local guitar virtuoso and collaborator Dean Magraw who plays funky, in-the groove rhythm and contributes a dazzling guitar solo on Sweet Ears.


Glen Helgeson – acoustic, electric, harp and sitar guitars
Peter Ostroushko – mandolin (tracks 5, 6, & 8)
Dean Magraw – guitar tracks (2, 4, & 10)
Gary Schulte – violin (tracks 1, 3, 4, & 11)
Dave Stanoch – drums (tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, &11)
Charles Fletcher – bass (tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, &11)
Michael Bissonnette – udu drum, congas, timbales, and djembe (tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, & 11)
Marc Anderson – berimbau, congas, doumbek, tabgle frame drum, (all tracks except 1 & 3)
Enrique Toussaint – bass (tracks 7, 8, 10, & 12)
Tim O’Keefe – riq and doubeck (track 11)
Gordy Johnson – bass (track 6)
Keni Holman – clarinet (track 5)
Lee Blaske - keyboards (track 12)
Tony Axtel – keyboards (track 2)
Debbie Duncan – vocals (tracks 7 & 12)


1. African Song <MP3>
2. Smooth Wes <MP3>
3. The Mambo Told Me <MP3>
4. Red Moon <MP3>
5. A Wedding on Venus
6. Latin A La Linda

7. Room 231
8. River East
9. ...If This
Sweet Ears
The Whirl <MP3>
12. Southern Exposure

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