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Gypsy Mania

“Hot Club” Swing Jazz

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East-Hennepin <MP3>
It Don't Mean A Thing <MP3>
Butterfly <MP3>
Blues-De-Paris <MP3>
Bar Del Pie <MP3>
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GYPSY MANIA: Gypsy Mania

A spontaneous, vivid performance by some of Minnesota’s most stellar gypsy-jazz artists played in the Django Reinhardt French swing tradition of the 1930’s. Gypsy Mania features an exceptional stylistic dimension with prodigious improvisation, a group not to be missed.

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Master world-beat guitarist, Glen Helgeson
Jazz violinist and Prairie Home Companion veteran, Gary Schulte
Jazz guitar virtuoso, Reynold Philipsek
Jazz bassist extroadinaire, Jeff Brueske

Gypsy Mania Quartet is the creation of longtime bandleader and guitar stylist Glen Helgeson, who is known for pulling together the stars of the Minnesota music scene. Helgeson is an ambassador in the jazz tradition, bringing diverse world music styles to people, educating them in these traditions, and manifesting an unusual ability to write in those genres. The ensemble includes the unmistakable mastery of jazz violinist Gary Schulte, plus blinding solos from guitarist Reynold Philipsek, the diverse guitar styling of Glen Helgeson, and tasty, refined bass work from acoustic bassist Jeff Brueske.


“Extraordinary jazz…many positive comments on the beauty of the music –
your trio was instrumental in creating an enjoyable atmosphere which lead to the success of the event.”
Joy Peterson Hubler,, Hubler Family Business Consultants

"We enjoyed your music and you were a pleasure to work with...
It was a beautiful evening along the waterfront and your music was a perfect match."
Roxanne Wightman, Director of Movies &, Music on the Waterfront,, Stillwater MN

“Your quartet’s lively, smooth and beautiful music rivaled our Arboretum flowers.
I cannot tell you enough how much we all enjoyed your music.”
Ashley Fox, Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

"Gypsy Mania did a great job."
Jessica Loucks,, Hennepin Government Center director


The new self-titled CD, Gypsy Mania “Hot Club” Swing Jazz (2009), offers spontaneous, vivid performances by some of Minnesota’s most stellar jazz soloists in the Django Reinhardt tradition and includes originals guitarist Reynold Philipsek and bandleader-guitarist Glen Helgeson. This uncommon Gypsy Jazz compendium is a tune-packed and welcome addition to any “Hot Club” collection.

The prodigious and diverse stylistic pens of Philipsek and Helgeson bring new material to the band’s repertoire, adding a broader stylistic palate to the Django “Hot Club” tradition of the 1930s.

Track #1 Butterfly, an original by guitarist and band member Reynold Philipsek, sets the tone for the album with a musette in a quirky rhythm with and haunting melody that has become an endeared audience favorite.  

Tracks #2 picks up the pace with Philipsek’s driving East Hennepin.

Track #4 Blues De Paris combines the musical styles of French gypsy and American blues-jazz. Shulte’s violin shares the melodic spotlight nicely with the guitar and delivers virtuosic violin solos throughout the CD.

Track #7 Bar Del Pie offers an unexpected Latin Bolero featuring savvy percussion by special guest Michael Bissonnette.

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